OTTO by Girsberger – a lounge chair for a large variety of seating landscapes

The Spanish designer Carlos Tíscar works together with Girsberger for the first time

Buetzberg, May 26, 2010. – In the case of OTTO, the Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger has developed a lounge chair which is especially well-suited for the furnishing of communication areas in offices. It was designed by the Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar in a first-time cooperation with Girsberger.

80 percent of all innovations find their origin in discussion – and not in a solitary session at the desk. This is a fact which is becoming more and more widely accepted, and as a result, office planning is also currently undergoing changes. Connecting zones, meeting points and lounges have become important elements. As a rule, they are not furnished with office chairs, but with furniture which encourages people to gather on an informal basis: easy chairs, sofas and suites.

What makes OTTO so special is its high configurability. The chair's shape and the use of coupling sets and table elements allow a great variety of seating landscapes to be formed. One look at OTTO confirms this fact: The upholstered seat, the corners of which are clearly cut off at an angle of 45°, gives an indication of the different combinations which are possible and provides the chair with its unique appearance.

Another of OTTO's characteristics is the width of its seat. As a chair, it offers generous additional space for typical work equipment: There is sufficient room at the left and right of the seated person for briefcases, papers and laptops. However, if necessary, OTTO can also be used as a two-seater.

OTTO's design is refreshingly new and friendly. But at the same time, the chair represents modern classicism at its best. Frame and upholstery are clearly separated, allowing the structure of the chair to be seen at first glance. The hint of a curve in the seat lets the upholstery look inviting and comfortable. The frame is reduced to the essentials, with a shape that can cope with the pressures it will have to bear.

A triangular or rectangular table module can be mounted between two OTTO chairs. The table modules are made of high pressure laminate (HPL); if required, they are also available in solid wood. Combinations without the table modules can, however, also be made with the help of coupling sets consisting of a lasered sheet steel plate. Carlos Tiscar says of OTTO: "Thanks to the eight-cornered seat, it is not only possible to combine the modules in a row, but also at right angles, permitting a large number of configurations. That was the main idea of this project. OTTO's unusual geometry allows architects and interior designers to fulfil specific requirements in reception, waiting and lounge areas."

In an article on the lounge, which is soon to be published by Girsberger, the lecturer, journalist and exhibition curator Dr. Thomas Schriefers writes: "Nowadays, communication is almost exclusively digital: one gazes at the monitor screen of a high-performance computer instead of conducting a personal conversation. As a result, the importance of the in-house lounge is increasing. In its function as communication oasis and meeting point, it becomes an identity-giving common room which promises a small amount of freedom in the working day."

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