The needs of up to 10m people in the UK may be being compromised by inattention to detail in specification of disabled toilet facilities- a compromise cost-effectively solved through developments at Total Hygiene.

The advent of the new BS8300:2009 and its inclusion of Changing Places facilities for people with complex and multiple disabilities who require the help of up to two carers to toilet is prompting focus on the needs of disabled people when toileting, including the existing Building Regulation Approved Document M. Largely taken to be a larger cubicle with drop-down rails, a lower washbasin and emergency assistance alarm, the Document stresses the importance of ALSO including some means of height adjustability to the toilet seat, to enable wheelchair users to transfer as easily as possible to the WC.

Total Hygiene, the UK’s biggest supplier of disabled toileting solutions, has introduced two options which aid compliance- the Aerolet toilet lift and Lima Lifter height adjustable ‘wash and dry’ toilet.

The Aerolet unit fits easily over any conventional WC or a ‘wash and dry’ toilet, and replicates our natural movement, raising and lowering the user over the toilet whilst maintaining their centre of gravity for enhanced stability. The Lima Lifter combines the benefits of a ‘wash and dry’ toilet of integral douche and dryer, which eliminates the need for the user to ‘wipe clean’ after toileting, with fully automatic height adjustability: easy to use controls raise and lower the wall-mounted unit to the most suitable height for the user, facilitating transfer from a wheelchair and maximizing use whether by small child or tall adult.

Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager, explains, “We go to the loo on average eight times a day! There are 1.2m wheelchair users in England alone, many of whom may find a standard height WC difficult to transfer to. There are 10.5million people in the UK who are registered disabled and have some affliction limiting their ability to undergo daily life- including going to the toilet. Statistics claim 1 in 5 of the UK population suffer from arthritis which can impact on ability to sit on and get up from the loo, let alone use toilet tissue.

“The figures show that the investment in either a toilet lifter or height adjustable toilet in a ‘disabled WC’ makes a huge difference to the potential number of people who can therefore use the facility, enhancing their feeling of independence and wellbeing and therefore making them more likely to frequent the establishment………..!”

Full details of the Aerolet range of toilet lifts, and the Lima Lifter height adjustable ‘wash and dry’ toilet are available on Total Hygiene’s website www.clos-o-mat.com. The company is the UK’s leading supplier of disabled toileting solutions, with over 40,000 of its Clos-o-Mat wash and dry toilets installed across the country, all of which can be supported by Total Hygiene’s in-house installation and service engineers.

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