Onduline launches a ‘classic’ new roofing material.

A new tile strip roofing system from Onduline sets new standards in aesthetics for manufacturers and owners of lightweight sectional buildings.

The new product, known as the Onduline Classic 235 Tile Strip, is a development of the proven Onduline roofing sheet and combines all the benefits of that product with an appearance, closely resembling that of conventional tiles.

Another major advantage is that the product is easy to transport. With each tile strip measuring only 1045mm X 500mm it is possible to fit a whole shed roof into the boot of a small family car. Couple this with the fact that they are also safe to use and extremely easy to handle and fix and it will be seen that Classic 235 is the perfect DIY roofing material.

Onduline Classic 235 Tile Strips are extremely durable, lightweight and attractive making them ideal for upgrading new or existing sectional timber buildings such as pavilions, summer houses, garages and workshops.

They are available in red, green and black with colour stability assured by Onduline’s unique pre-impregnation manufacturing process and come with a 15 year insurance-backed guarantee

For further details contact Onduline on 0207 727 0533, by e-mail at enquiries@onduline.net or visit www.onduline.net.

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