On Cloud Nine With New Additions To Weinerberger's Terca Range

Wienerberger has launched nine new bricks across three stylistic ranges following significant investment in new product development. The company, which is the world’s largest brick manufacturer, has invested more than £1m in its manufacturing processes to develop new, sustainable and innovative products to bring increased diversity to the Terca range.

Part of this investment has been in new equipment at the Todhills factory, in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, which has led to the launch of nine new bricks including waterstruck and handformatic styles in a variety of colours, plus a range of size options.  Primarily known for the production of red multi stock bricks, this phase of product innovation include Todhills’ first grey and brown, as well as a new cream, thereby increasing the choices available.

Simon Pearson, Wienerberger’s director of sales – brick, said: “New product development is a major focus for Wienerberger. We have carefully analysed the products which have most appeal in the market and have directed our investment towards meeting those demands.”

The finish created by the waterstruck and handformatic styles is becoming increasingly popular with architect, specifiers and developers alike. Wienerberger already offers some similar products from other UK factories, but this recent investment allows for additional options within the Terca range. Terca is the facing brick brand of Wienerberger and offers a portfolio of more than 450 bricks in a vast choice of colours, textures and sizes to match and blend with existing brickwork or create unique new buildings.


The new Waterstruck products - made using an innovative moulding process which emulates traditional waterstruck styling - include three versatile colours, the Heartland Red Multi, Heartland Light Multi and Heartland Brown Multi, bringing a diverse aesthetic to any development. Importantly, these bricks include a small frog, meaning less clay is used to make each brick and they are easier to lay and lighter to handle than traditional waterstruck bricks.


These are joined by two weathered stock bricks, the Ashington Red Multi and Westerton Orange Multi, both with vibrant hues and tones. The bricks are ‘weathered’ by applying a black effect to the face of the brick creating added depth and age to the finish.


Finally, four new handformatic bricks have also been added to the Terca range, which offers the largest selection of handformatic bricks in the UK. The Newfield Multi,
Bradfield Multi, the highly sustainable Highfield Cream and Eastfield Grey (due to their high recycled content) all feature the texture and creased appearance of traditional handmade bricks without the expense. The Eastfield Grey is also the first grey handformatic brick that Wienerberger has manufactured in the UK.


Simon Pearson concludes: “The diversity of each of these bricks brings something completely new to the market. Each has its own distinct character and aesthetic appeal, whether that’s colour, texture, tone or finish. We are consistently looking for new innovative techniques which allow us to further develop our range and increase the choice available for our customers, and these new bricks are a reflection of that commitment.”


The nine new bricks have been manufactured with sustainability firmly in mind and are certified to BES 6001, the responsible sourcing of construction materials standard, achieving a ‘Very Good’ rating which offers the maximumadditional credit under the Code for Sustainable Homes.
 As a result of the investment at Todhills, each of the bricks is readily available in 65mm and on a made-to-order basis in 50mm and 73mm.

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