On Board With KNX

The Comfort Intelligent Home System now has a new, much more closely integrated interface with KNX – the worldwide standard for home and building control – the Comfort UCM/KNX from Cytech Europe. The new UCM/KNX allows KNX integrators to interface with Comfort without having to programme Responses thus not requiring an in-depth knowledge of Comfort.
Full details of the new UCM/KNX can be found here.

L Y Chiu, Director and founder of Cytech Technology, comments “Our new UCM/KNX should make Comfort an even more powerful proposition for KNX partners.”

This introduction coincides with Cytech joining the worldwide KNX Association that now lists them as members on their official web site www.knx.org. This now brings the multi-function Comfort Intelligent Home System into contact with 170 members in 29 countries plus links from www.knx.org to installer and integrator members of individual national KNX associations such as KNK UK.

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