The Old Thorns Hotel and Golf Course at Liphook in Hampshire comprises of a main hotel block, bedroom block, Japanese Cultural Centre and Leisure Centre.

Situated in a hard water area, perpetuating limescale built-up within the water system and necessitated it being descaled with acid every 90 days. This resulted in the shutting down of the system and inconvenience to both guests and staff. Descaling cost the hotel £900 every three months.

General Manager, Gary Jones, installed ScalewatcherTM throughout the hotel complex. Within a matter of months improvements were observed in the water system and limescale was coming away from the taps and water-fed equipment.

The hotel anticipates that the ScalewatcherTM system saves them around £3,600 a year in maintenance alone and has provided a short-term payback.

The ScalewatcherTM system has also been fitted to the hotel’s swimming pool in order to reduce maintenance and the use of chlorine and other chemicals. Since ScalewatcherTM technology was installed, maintenance has been cut by 50% and the hotel has reduced its use of chemicals by a similar amount.

Tests carried out every six months on the pool's water have shown a zero bacteria count.

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