Oktolok® offers professional scaffolders the best of both worlds

Combining the speed and simplicity of system scaffolding with the versatility of traditional tube, fittings and scaffold boards, the revolutionary OKTOLOK fast wedge and ring modular system has been designed with the professional scaffolder in mind.

Developed by leading provider of safety at height solutions, Combisafe International, OKTOLOK meets the growing requirements of the scaffolding industry by offering a highly versatile system that has the best of both worlds – the benefits of both system and traditional scaffolding.

OKTOLOK has been designed to enable the creation of scaffold solutions that fit the building and not the other way round. Able to be used in conjunction with traditional tube, fittings and scaffold boards, OKTOLOK provides scaffolders with another string to their bow – the ability to integrate with their existing stock of materials, keeping investment to a minimum whilst providing maximum versatility on site.

On and off site, the system offers the user the utmost flexibility by significantly reducing the time spent on planning, to allow contractors to focus on the most important elements of the project that require more detailed attention, whilst ensuring on-site erection is swift.

Designed by scaffolders for scaffolders, OKTOLOK is produced using high strength steel to be significantly stronger than many other system scaffolds available on the market, it also offers fewer components so handling on site is easy and efficient.

The OKTOLOK system is based around proven wedge and ring joints that allow eight independent connections to each node. The unique spacing between each node ensures compliant guardrail heights and allows for more headroom in the working platform. With its unique ring spacing at 520mm centres, it is the only system fully compliant with EN 12811 for the guardrail height and head clearance when used in the traditional configuration of intermediate transoms and boards.

Offering a simple installation process, OKTOLOK has a unique boarding out system that uses Combisafe’s patented XTENDA telescopic transoms, offering quick assembly and up to 3 inside boards for unrivalled flexibility. For ease of adaption during use, inside boards can be simply removed or repositioned without the need to release the complete transom unit, using the telescopic sliding section.

Compliant with the NASC Code of Practice for System Scaffolds, having passed the stringent audit process that covers quality, certification, design calculations, traceability and compliance with EN standards, professional scaffolders can be assured that the system meets both their exceptionally high standards and current industry norms. It also reinforces OKTOLOK’s position as a viable addition to the scaffolders’ inventory.

As market leaders in safety at height solutions, Combisafe is constantly developing its product range to meet the increasing complexity of scaffolding work, as demonstrated perfectly with the unique OKTOLOK system. Bringing the best aspects of system and traditional scaffolding – into one superior product – OKTOLOK is set to revolutionise the British scaffolding industry.

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