Off the shelf linear drainage from ACO Building Drainage meets the necessary standards

The robust, high quality linear stainless steel drainage channel products from ACO Building Drainage, offer excellent durability and performance and are fully endorsed under BS EN 1433 by third-party accreditation and carry CE marking. The Modular 125 linear drainage system is supplied with a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf options and extras allowing any project to be successfully completed without delays. Modular 125 is manufactured in corrosion-resistant 304 or 316 grade austenitic stainless steel.


To eliminate in-service performance risks during installation and service, BS EN 1433 provides the drainage industry’s recognised guidelines covering all aspects of surface drainage and rainwater control systems ensuring fit for purpose. This standard requires drainage products to carry CE marking approval and the essential functional characteristics of the system; load bearing capability, water tightness and durability to be independently tested and verified.


Modular 125 linear drainage system has been designed to meet this Standard and the vigorous demands of use, combining a watertight design constructed with robust, corrosion resistant materials. The system offers versatility; the channels are supplied in various lengths and the grating in choice of styles, all available off-the-shelf. A comprehensive range of ancillary items, including locking and security kits ensure installation of the drainage system can be carried out completely and successfully.


The proposed increase in mandatory legislation will require all construction products covered by harmonised standards to be CE marked when the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) comes into force in 2013. With ACO Building Drainage products already CE marked and meeting industry recognised third-party accreditations, Modular 125 linear drainage system provides the perfect drainage solution for all current projects but will also comply with all future project work.

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