Oakleaf rot-proof ‘Oak’ mock-tudor exterior cladding

The owners of the fine mock-tudor mansion, featured in the enclosed photograph, were understandably reluctant to replace the now rotten oak planking with the same material, wishing to avoid a repeat performance.

Instead, they chose Oakleaf replica oak planking, which not only  looks, sounds and feels like the oak from which it was cast, but is impervious to moisture, and unaffected by weather, so no more cracking or rotting!

Whilst Oakleaf supplied 30cm wide x 6m long planks specially made for this project, in matt black finish, wood finishes on offer include jacobean, mellow and honey oak, even staining to match. The range provides a wide variety of plank sizes, together with mock-oak pegs to conceal the screw fixings. A  commission moulding service is also available if specials are required.

Being light in weight, installation was found to be quick and convenient, requiring only nails and adhesive, and employing standard woodworking tools.

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