Nu-Flame’s high quality Evolution burners

Nu-Flame has been supplying burners to the Gallery group since the start of a relationship in the late 90’s.

Two years ago the company successfully launched a new burner called Evolution which is made at the company’s Surrey factory. The firm describes the Evolution burner as a high quality reliable piece. The CE approved Evolution burner can be made to suit a huge range of fireplaces including cast iron insets, fire baskets, marble suites and the most modern contemporary designs such as hole in the wall flatbed fires.

The Evolution burner can also be made to a specified size to fit an existing grate. There are natural gas and LPG versions, and coals, pebbles, logs and driftwood can all be used. The smaller models are suitable for both class one and class two flues, and there is a choice of manual or Mertik Maxitrol infra-red remote control.

Unlike other burners, the Evolution fire utilizes a unique compressed vermiculite block designed by Nu-Flame and manufactured by Skamol. Development engineer Ernie Tagg said: “The Evolution burner is different from others because of the compressed vermiculite block. “The temperature below the burner is dramatically reduced because of the low thermal conductivity of the compressed vermiculite. “And because the gas is discharged vertically through the top of the block the burner is very forgiving in downdrafts, which can cause temperatures below the burner to rise and damage underburner components.

“Since it was launched it has proved to be very reliable and successful. It is also very easy to set up.” The Evolution burner’s performance is based on having both primary and secondary aeration. The mixing of gas and air prior to combustion gives a cleaner burn, extra heat output per kilowatt of gas consumed, and a warmer glow than any fire relying on secondary aeration only. Nu-Flame has always been proud of its products. At the company’s factory in Sutton is a purpose built air-tight laboratory for testing prototypes, pre-production and production models and this ensures the continuing safety and reliability of the fires. Ernie Tagg added: “We test prototypes there and also do product surveillance as part of the CE approval for our burners. “We have to test one in 100 and to do this you need a properly designed room like this.

“We can put the fire on for the whole day and it is in nobody’s way. “Because it can be sealed we also do our own vitiation testing for the oxygen depletion pilot assembly. “We run the fire to ensure that the fire shuts down before the Carbon Monoxide content of the room air reaches 200 ppm.”

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