Nu-Flame announces the new Fireboxx

A SUNKEN burner designed specifically for Hole in the Wall fireplaces is the latest product to be launched by Nu-Flame after six months of development.

It is available in three widths: 720mm and 500mm (for Class 1 flues only) & 350mm (for Class 1 and 2 flues). Nu-Flame sales manager, James Tagg, said: “We are offering the Fireboxx in three sizes and we believe that Nu-Flame is the only manufacturer offering a 350mm wide Hole in the Wall burner system, which gives retailers more choice than ever before.” The Fireboxx unit is one of a few burner systems on the market designed specifically for Hole in the Wall applications and the Surrey based company has designed the product with ease of installation and use in mind.

Due to the fact the Fireboxx is a sealed unit there is no need to vent the void under the fire. There is also no need to backfill because flames will not pull under the burner. The infra red eye for the Mertik Maxitrol control system comes ready positioned and there is a support flange which can be fitted if required. There is a single gas connection through the underside or back of fire.

Batteries are easily changed via a specially designed opening through the top of the Fireboxx. The Fireboxx can be flush mounted for Hole in the wall applications, using the flanges provided. It can also be hearth or shelf mounted. The Fireboxx utilises Nu-Flame’s successful Evolution burner which has a unique compressed vermiculite block above which the gas burns. This insulates the metal burner tray and so significantly reduces the conducted heat to the underside of the burner, when compared to an all metal unit. It also gives an excellent flame pattern. A crushed rock effect firebed comes as standard and there is also a choice of premium pebbles, logs, and driftwood.

The Fireboxx is available for both natural gas or LPG.

For more information call Nu-Flame on 020 8254 6802.

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