Nora: A bestseller gets a modern makeover

Weinheim, February 2018 – nora systems’ rubber covering norament grano was launched on the market just about 30 years ago. With its characteristic granular pattern, it has been a mainstay of the norament series ever since. But even classic floorings get a bit outdated over time, and so over the years, small changes have been made to the range.

As of now, the rubber flooring features both a totally updated and modern colour palette and matching granulates that are more harmonious than before, with less contrast with the basic colour. Customers now have a total of 32 different colours to choose from in the standard range that achieve a delicate balance between the respective basic colour and complementary granular accents. norament grano is particularly popular for its unique durability that lasts for many years thanks to the flooring’s extremely dense and impervious surface.

This is why norament grano can be found on factory floors all over the world – but planners, construction managers and users of public buildings, educational institutions and healthcare facilities also benefit greatly from the flooring’s outstanding resistance to wear and tear.

Flooring for the most intensive usage

‘norament grano is particularly welcome in areas that are subject to heavy stress – whether it comes from humans or machines – and has been the bestselling covering in our norament series for several years now,’ notes product manager Simon Rau. But the enduring top seller is much more than just a single product. ‘Behind norament grano is a full product portfolio that makes it possible to handle different functional and application areas with just one design,’ Rau continues. For instance, with its classic hammerblow surface, norament grano is available in an electrostatic, conductive version or with a cubic structure that’s particularly slip-resistant. The comprehensive range is supplemented by many items including steptreads, matching skirtings and stair angles. No matter what, though: Thanks to the distribution of granulates, dust and dirt are hardly visible, meaning that the flooring always looks perfectly maintained even when subject to heavy use or frequent foot traffic.

Fresh colours complement neutral shades

At nora systems, even a bestseller like norament grano is regularly reworked and updated to meet current market demands. ‘We noticed that some colours were no longer appealing to modern customers’ tastes and recognised a potential area for optimisation in the coordination of the granular pattern,’ Rau comments. Building on this insight, the colour palette was fundamentally revised with the help of around 40 designers and architects from Europe and North America. The spectrum of colours ranges from cool, soothingly neutral shades to bold, lively tones that are perfect to mix and match, creating a comfortable interior space. ‘Customer tastes haven’t changed over the years. The greys have always been the frontrunners ever since norament 926 grano was introduced, and by all accounts, they will stay that way,’ Rau reports. However, the product manager anticipates that the new blue shades will also be among the highest-selling colours in the future.

Like all nora coverings, norament grano is also particularly low-emission and so contributes to healthy indoor air. The closed texture makes the flooring easy to clean and provides a flawlessly hygienic surface. Advanced sound-absorbing properties, optimum comfort underfoot and while standing, and slip resistance are other factors that help create a pleasant environment.

What makes the classic from nora’s range so successful? Its versatility and consistent ongoing improvement. ‘norament grano,’ Rau is convinced, ‘is now ideally equipped for the future and will continue to be very successful.’

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