Non-Com Exterior now Approved by the WPA

Non-Com Exterior, Lonza’s long established leach resistant fire retardant protection for exterior timbers, has just achieved certification as a WPA Approved Product, the highest quality approval from the  Wood Protection Association (WPA).

Already a ‘Listed’ product within the WPA Flame Retardant Specification Manual , the new ‘Approved Product’ status makes Non-Com Exterior the only leach resistant type flame retardant  to achieve this higher , third –party  certification of quality..

‘Listed’ status is awarded solely on the manufacturer’s own declaration on the hygroscopic and leach resistance properties of the product, with no independent assessment of fire data and other ancillary properties.

‘Approved’ status involves a  rigorous assessment of fire performance data by an independent panel of experts appointed by the WPA.  The WPA panel considered all aspects of Non-Com Exterior’s fire performance before awarding it the coveted WPA Approved Product Certificate including, Classification Reports, durability, smoke generation, hygroscopicity, leach resistance and other key ancillary properties such as corrosion, strength and biological resistance properties.

Jacqui Hughes, Lonza’s fire retardant manager, commented ‘Non-Com Exterior provides a tried, tested and trusted fire protection for timber and has been used in prestigious projects around the world for over 40 years. Non-Com Exterior is the only external fire retardant treatment to be awarded WPA Approved status which gives specifiers and merchants real assurance that they have selected a high performance, durable and maintenance free fire protection.  This latest accolade from the WPA adds to Non-Com Exterior’s unrivalled portfolio of accreditation as a quality treatment.’

Copies of the WPA Flame Retardant Specification Manual amended to include full details of the Non- Com Exterior Certificate of Product Approval are available from the WPA –

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