No site too small...

How many shelters can you install onto a three-metre pitch?

The new offices at Unite in Coventry had a three-metre space which had to house both their cycle and smoking shelters. Lesser folk may have bolted at the thought, but not AUTOPA. We manufacture all of our Smoking Shelters (and our Cycle Shelters for that matter) in-house at our Rugby Works and, as a result, were able to adapt the design to fit the available space.

One of the key benefits of the AUTOPA open spaces Smoking Shelter is its flexibility and, thanks to its modular structure, it can be manufactured to fit any size site as required. Including, a thin strip of land in the centre of Coventry.

As well as being a non-standard size, the shelter in question also had an atypical layout with the opening on the thinner rather than the wider edge. Installing the opening on the thinner edge allowed the shelter to fit alongside the cycle shelter and utilise the same foundation slab, thereby maximising the space available on site.

Find out more about the AUTOPA open spaces Smoking Shelter here.

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