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Knauf Insulation has launched a new, high-performance insulation product for use with built-up, profiled-metal cladding systems. Specifically designed for the task, Crown® FactoryClad 32 widens the company’s range of lightweight, glass mineral wool insulation quilts to give designers greater creative freedom in roof and wall construction.

The design flexibility offered by built-up, profiled-metal cladding makes it a popular choice of construction and gives designers unparalleled scope for dramatic, inspirational designs bounded only by the limits of their imagination. The additional versatility that Crown® FactoryClad Insulation allows has brought us Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, Goldsmiths College at the University of London and the Hutchinson / MRC Research Centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Built-up systems offer strong construction benefits. The component parts are light and easy to handle which can reduce the need for mechanical handling, lifting and positioning; at the point of installation they can be easily adapted to meet a wide range of construction tolerances; construction time can be reduced and having just one of the envelope’s skins in place often provides weather protection and security. All-in-all, built-up cladding systems offer an incredibly versatile and cost-effective method of construction.

Crown® FactoryClad Insulation is ideal for use with built-up, profiled-metal cladding systems as it complements these benefits perfectly. Made from glass mineral wool, it’s light, flexible, easy to handle, cut and install, which makes it perfect for use within curved envelopes, in complex shapes and around fixings and services, and its high tear strength makes it ideal for long, vertical ‘drops’ within wall envelopes. Glass mineral wool is justifiably well known for its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and, of course, is also totally non-combustible – a fact recognised by it having a Euroclass A1 fire classification, the highest rating possible – so its use can often reduce insurance premiums.

Crown® FactoryClad Insulation is specifically designed for use as the insulation component in built-up, profiled-metal cladding – no matter how creative the design of the building’s structure. To allow designers to choose the best material for their needs, Crown® FactoryClad Insulation is available in a range of thicknesses and in four grades (40, 37, 35 and 32) that offer thermal conductivities ranging from 0.040 W/mK up to the 0.032 W/mK provided by the new, high-performance, Crown® FactoryClad 32.

For further information, please visit Knauf Insulation’s website at www.knaufinsulation.co.uk or call the enquiries hotline on 08700 668 660 quoting CR 473 05.

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