An illustrated brochure featuring the Comfort to KNX Bus is launched by Cytech for their Comfort Integrated Security and Home Automation System. KNX installers will find a full explanation of the benefits of integrating the Comfort Intelligent Home System with the KNX (KONNEX or EIB) bus by connecting directly to Comfort’s UCM/KNX providing a full two-way interface.

Features include:

  • KNX-compatible intruder alarm
  • Telephone control via voice prompt in many languages to control any KNX device
  • Conditional logic control via If/Then logic to control KNX devices
  • Schedules for automatic controls with Sunrise/Sunset and automatic daylight saving adjustments
  • Infra-red signal control of AV equipment and split-unit air conditioners
  • Access by internet by Comfort webserver module
  • KNX switches and touchscreens can control the security system and operate appliances connected to Comfort like air conditioning, heating systems and automatic gates
  • Optional SMS control
  • Gateway to other systems such as C-Bus, Z-wave and RS232 interfaces Intruder Alarm

The following security conditions and events can be mapped to KNX group addresses:

  • Security system armed, disarmed to away, night, day or vacation mode
  • System in alarm state
  • System conditions including low battery, AC failure, zone trouble, phone line cut
  • Open/close state of door/window contacts, motion sensors, smoke/heat detectors and other security sensors

KNX objects can be programmed to:

  • Arm security system to away, night, day or vacation modes and show status
  • Bypass and un-bypass security zones and show bypass status of zones
  • Synchronise date and time with Comfort real time clock
  • Emulate a security keypad on a KNX touchscreen to disarm the security system
  • Allow KNX motion sensors to trigger the alarm when the security system is armed

Copies of the full colour brochure can be downloaded here.

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