Next Generation TANALISED Timber

This summer the introduction of Lonza Wood Protection’s next generation TANALITH E wood preservative will lead the way in timber treatment innovation and performance in the UK.  The culmination of extensive research, technological evolution and rigorous testing, Lonza’s new TANALITH E 8000 delivers a tried, tested and proven answer to a market always looking for improved quality, value and performance.

TANALITH E 8000 has evolved from a product that now has over 20 years of proven performance around the world. The foundation of the new product is its TANALITH E core, with all its proven benefits, combined with cutting-edge BARamine™ technology.  This combination delivers an enhanced, more robust and durable protection against wood decay, particularly copper tolerant fungi. It also delivers improved penetration of preservative into the timber – a key requirement in achieving the very best protection particularly for home grown species used in the UK and Ireland.

Conversion to the new product is a simple process and is already well underway with our customers in the UK and Ireland. Lonza’s engineering and technical field teams are managing a planned and smooth transition for each customer.

Customers using next generation TANALISED timber can have real confidence in its improved performance and this should aid treaters using TANALITH E 8000 to further develop their business.

A user focused, national marketing campaign highlighting the benefits and availability of next generation TANALISED timber is also underway.

Dr Tony Kelly, Lonza Wood Protection’s Sales Director, commented, ‘This campaign aims to focus on genuine TANALISED timber and to promote treated timber from our customers to a wider audience.  It will use various themes and media and will deliver the key message of ‘Tried, Tested and Proven’.

‘All of us at Lonza Wood Protection are incredibly excited about the new TANALITH E formulation and this enthusiasm is already being shared by our customers. The new product has full HSE approval and we have patents pending on the innovative BARamine™ technology we have developed. The next generation TANALISED timber will revolutionise the marketplace, offering unrivalled performance.’

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