Logisty has launched a wireless burglar alarm called Vocalis which it claims is up to five times faster to install than a comparable wired system. The new system is aesthetically styled with compact detectors and issues clear understandable voice messages to help both the installer and the end user.

The control panel-siren receives information from detectors and controls and triggers alerts and deterrents, whether siren, strobe and/or telephone dialler. It communicates between devices using high reliability, anti-jam twinpass™ radio frequency. A personalised radio house code insures that there is no interference between any adjacent systems.

Vocalis identifies up to 15 zones with interior motion detectors and door and window contact detectors. There are four types of motion detectors; the volumetric detector with a 90o detection angle, a corridor motion detector, a curtain pattern motion detector plus a pet tolerant motion detector. In addition smoke alarms and other devices can be linked to the system. Vocalis also offers a presence simulation mode which randomly switches lights on and off.

Installation is simple with no wiring or even mains connection required. All the devices are powered by long life lithium batteries, with a typical life in residential applications of 3 years. Voice messages from Vocalis help the contractor through the installation and confirm that the system is operating correctly when it is finished. Voice messages also identify problems for simple diagnostics, for example if the battery is running low in a detector.

The system can be controlled using a keypad, remote control and or a proximity tag reader.

Vocalis is modular. Two standard kits are available to which extra devices or controllers can be added. Kit LPV3312 costs £264 at trade price and consists of a voice control panel with entrance supervision, two motion detectors, a four-button remote control and an external 110db strobe siren. The second kit, LPV3313 includes the voice control panel, three motion detectors, a door and window detector and keypad with a proximity tag reader, this costs £249 at trade price.

For the end user Vocalis offers several features. A voice message confirms arming or disarming the alarm and whether it is totally set, part set or set for certain zones or entrances. This voice also warns the user that the alarm is active on entering and whether it has been activated in the owner’s absence and if so in what zone.
BR> For further information about Vocalis contact: Logisty, Hortonwood 50, Telford, TF1 7FT. Telephone 0870 60 999 22, or visit the website on

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