New ways to make things easier.

HAG UK Ltd is always looking for new ways to make things easier for our customers. So, we listened to your feedback and have revised the way you can interact and engage with our products to make choosing and buying the right HAG product even smoother.

Take our steel doors for example. Instead of looking for the door, thinking about the application and creating the whole spec yourselves, we’ve taken out the leg work and done it for you. By listing the different applications as separate products on our website, the bespoke spec is already there. So, instead of revising the spec from a basic industrial door to your application every time, you just click on the application, and hey presto – there it is!

We’ve also included new applications for our products. Our Alulink Range of roller shutters makes the perfect enclosure for Car Parks, and now, at the click of a button, you can get a bespoke spec with a whole host of optional extras – even an option to check the licence plates of the cars entering and exiting the car park.

Various features make it perfect for underground and shopping centre car parks, from its high degree of ventilation - nominally 80% free air – to its added strength supplied by its integrated ‘kick-zone’ lower section.

Click here to view the spec for the Alulink Range G1-HD to find out more about the options associated with our car parking products.

Have a look around our website and check out all the different applications for our products – you might just be surprised!

From industrial and commercial to the perfect domestic garage door, HAG’s Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters, Grilles and Garage Doors are designed and fitted to exceptionally high standards, so you can always be sure you are getting the best. 

New product news coming soon!

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