New Water Sources For The Kitchen:The Perfect Solution

The mixer tap is a kitchen appliance that is subject to a great deal of daily stress. Washing dishes, filling containers, washing our hands – all things considered, the mixer is used up to 90 times a day. The five latest models from the Axor designer brand offer kitchen water source solutions to satisfy a wide range of requirements, all with the following in common: distinct ease of use, a high level of functionality, outstanding design and durable quality.


Antonio Citterio and Philippe Starck: exclusive design and diverse functionality in the kitchen

In collaboration with Antonio Citterio, Philippe Starck and Phoenix Design, Axor has come up with the perfect solution to satisfy different design preferences and for all the various tasks carried out at the kitchen sink. Whether it's on a single or double sink, next to the basin or mounted on the wall with a telescopic swivel spout, the amateur chef will discover outstanding technological solutions for greater ease of use in day-to-day kitchen tasks with Axor's new range of single lever and 2-hole kitchen mixers. At the same time, the proud owner will no doubt relish the opportunity to enhance their kitchen with exclusive mixers from internationally renowned designers.


Axor pull-out sprayers combine functionality with design

Design requirements meet functionality: those who are fastidious about how their kitchen looks will welcome these latest flexible spray heads as they do not interrupt the overall sleek lines of the mixer. The new kitchen mixers from Axor Starck and Axor Citterio M offer elegant, functional solutions for rinsing vegetables and for filling or cleaning large pots and pans. By simply clicking the pull-out sprayer, which fits ergonomically into the hand, you can select between normal and shower spray – easy and reliable to operate. The 2-jet spray head is an almost invisible portion of the spout and only when grasped does its function become apparent. The new Axor Starck single lever kitchen mixers have a high spout, as does the new Axor Citterio M 2-hole kitchen mixer, so it is easy to fill even large pans and salad bowls to the brim under these, or clean them using the pull-out spray head.


Customising the sink unit

The new kitchen mixers from Axor Citterio M and Axor Starck offer even more options for tailoring kitchen sinks to individual requirements. Thus, in the case of the Axor Starck kitchen mixer you are free to choose as to whether you want to place the joystick handle to the left or right of the spout. The lever handle of the Axor Citterio M 2-hole kitchen mixer can be positioned to suit the user. For example, it may be on the front of the worktop in order to reach the lever more easily, or on the ergonomically "correct" side which would be the ideal solution for left-handed users.



Axor Uno2 for wall-mounting: everything in the swivel area

As the amateur chef is well aware, worktop space is crucial, especially when preparing dishes. This is the reason wall mixers are becoming increasingly popular: the new Axor Uno2 kitchen mixer for wall-mounting is the minimalist answer to space problems at the sink. Additional advantage: no water is able to collect around the base of the mixer and there is no build-up of lime-scale. Whether you need to fill small bowls or large pans, whether you have containers lying about on the worktop or in the sink: the all-round capability of the Axor Uno2 telescopic spout makes this ideal. It is really easy to pull out, increasing its range in an instant. Its variable radius also means that it can fill two sinks. In one hand movement you can swivel the spout above the pot on your worktop. Geometric basic shapes, which Phoenix Design and the Axor brand have integrated into the Axor Uno2 range, evoke original kitchen wall mixers. Modern design requirements are underlined by the separate joystick handle, which can be mounted on the left or right of the spout.

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