Market leader Dimplex has added two new colour brochures to its useful series of product literature to showcase its expanding range of water heating products. The comprehensive new water heating literature gives suppliers and specifiers all the information they need to make the correct product selection for each installation.

The 20-page Water Heating Brochure provides information on the full range for both domestic and commercial installations, including showers, the Ascari electric system boiler, the all-new SCx range of unvented water cylinders, the recently-expanded range of SU and SUTP range of undersink unvented units, the Handyman instant handwash unit and the WB instant water boilers. The full colour brochure gives technical information on the high spec, high performance water heating products for informed decisions.

The 12-page Ascari Brochure is more compact and has more detailed information on the Ascari, a fully modulating electric domestic heating boiler, which offers the flexibility of being able to configure the maximum power from 12kW down to 4kW in 2kW steps on installation according to the needs of the individual property, helping the entire supply chain save time and money by just purchasing one adaptable unit.

The Ascari Brochure also contains an overview of the new SCx range of unvented water cylinders, which are an ideal partner product for the Ascari. The SCx range includes direct and indirect models from 80 litres up to 305 litres and because water is drawn directly from the mains, there is no need for a cold water storage tank.

Copies of the latest Dimplex water heating and Ascari brochures, incorporating all the existing and new models, are available from Dimplex. Email: or visit Tel: 0845 600 5111 or Fax: 01489 773061

Dimplex Tel: 01489 773336 Fax: 01489 773061 email: or

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