New Vestowin combines traditional cooker and central heating technology

The new VestoWIN central heating cooker from Windhager is a reliable and environmentally friendly traditional cooker with all the advantages of a wood-burning central heating system.

The VestoWIN provides both central heating and cooking in one, is versatile in its use for either primary or secondary heating.

Available either with an oven as the VestoWIN Premium or without an oven as the Klassik model, the timeless design integrates easily into existing units in both a modern or traditional kitchen and is available in several colours and finishes including dark brown, white and brushed stainless steel. Retail prices start at £3,151 + VAT. 

The boiler has a height adjustable grate allowing for maximum economic operation in all seasons. In winter a large filling chamber is required for sustained slow combustion, whereas in summer only a small filling chamber is necessary for cooking and heating water.

The appliance has a performance range between 16.9 to 21.5kW and can be fuelled by either split logs, unprocessed residual wood or wood briquettes meaning lower fuel costs from securely available sources.

The VestoWIN features a standard equipment insulating cover which can be closed during operation to reduce radiated heat and a separate feeding of primary and secondary air to provide clean combustion and high efficiency. The patented fuel economy slider and combustion controlling mechanism also provide a substantial energy saving. The VestoWIN Premium model features a standard equipment oven with a viewing window and thermometer.

As market leaders in the provision of renewable and sustainable carbon neutral heating systems, Windhager’s high quality wood pellet heating systems use proven system technology to guarantee long-term safe and inexpensive operation.

Further information on VestoWIN is available from Windhager UK on 01249 446616, email: or by visiting the company’s website at    

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