The successful VarioWIN wood pellet boiler from Windhager is now available with a compact 45 litre balance tank bringing the output down to 1kW to suit low energy demand buildings, and the new housing standards.  The new model is much better than the traditional option of heat pumps and buffer tanks which take up more space.

As modern low-energy houses and passive houses increasingly only need low output boiler performance, the balance tank provides the highest energy efficiency even at the lowest heat consumption. The balance tank reduces the need for frequent cycling on and off of the boiler and enables the appliance to work at levels as low as 1kW, as well as reducing fuel consumption.

The new low output VarioWIN is extremely space efficient as it shares the same compact footprint of VarioWIN (600mm x 800mm) just increasing in height for the balance tank on top.

This new model is just one of the 1 to 78KW range of Windhager biomass wood pellet boilers highly regarded for being versatile, compact and having a variety of pellet feed systems to suit installation anywhere in the home. The pellet burner working on the drop-firing principle provides impressive combustion results, low ash production, long maintenance intervals and low emissions as well as minimal operating noise, making it the ideal solution for modern heating requirements.

For those with a VarioWIN already installed, the balance tank can be retrofitted easily and simply by bolting the unit to the top of the boiler with no need for any external plumbing work.  This then enables the appliance to work at 1kW.

Further information on the VarioWIN is available from Windhager UK on 01249 446616, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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