New tile adhesive is fixing the future.

ARDEX, innovator in high performance tile fixing systems is delighted to announce the UK launch of its new premium tile adhesive range.

ARDEX MICROTEC Tile Adhesives are a unique combination of specialist cements, polymers and MICROTEC fibres, developed and blended by ARDEX to produce a completely new generation of wall and floor tile adhesives.

MICROTEC, a new range from ARDEX – named due to its ingenious micro fibre reinforced technology – includes six new products, developed to deliver advanced fixing solutions, even for the most challenging large format tiles. In addition to boasting a range of unique application properties, MICROTEC tile adhesives have achieved independently tested EN classifications to a level often double that of the nearest competitor.

“MICROTEC products are very good news for tile fixers, they are designed to perform” explains Lee Kidd, Sales and Marketing Director at ARDEX UK. “It means they can continue to confidently fix all types of floor and wall tiles quickly, knowing that the latest ARDEX know-how is behind them. In particular, if the customer has chosen fashionable high-density large format porcelain tiles which typically have a smooth fixing side, MICROTEC’s new technology means that once the job is done the customer is assured the tile fixer will not have to return.”

Designed to revolutionise fixing large format floor tiles, ARDEX X 78 S and ARDEX X 78 W S Ultra Rapid Setting Flexible Floor Tile Adhesives provide clear and definable benefits to set them apart. A unique mix consistency means the benefits of a pourable adhesive, such as solid bed fixing without buttering are achieved without the negatives such as unwanted mess or filling of grout joints. Additional benefits such as a walk on and grout time of only 90 minutes, plus early adhesion 4 times faster than the standard make ARDEX X 78 S a must for every tile fixer.

ARDEX X 77 S and ARDEX X 77 W S are Ultra Rapid Setting Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Adhesives that you can walk on and grout after just 90 minutes – ideal if other trades are on site or time is short. Early adhesion is achieved up to four times faster than the standard ‘F’ classified adhesive and slump resistance is double the current standard, guaranteeing that large format tiles will stay exactly where you put them on the wall.

ARDEX X 77 and ARDEX X 77 W are both Flexible Wall & Floor Adhesives excellent for all manner of tiling applications. In addition to achieving double the slump resistance of ‘T’ classified adhesives, they also achieve an open time of 60 minutes, up to double the open time of ‘E’ classified adhesives. These two unique advantages make fixing large format tiles on walls safer, quicker and easier than ever before.

All six products in the MICROTEC range have excellent application properties with high yield and are available in white or grey. The range is suitable for swimming pools, wet areas and underfloor heating and can be used with all types of tile including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics and terrazzo.

“The influence of design in commercial and domestic tiling applications has sped the development of tiles at a pace that has seen the look and feel of tiles change completely, in a very short period of time. ARDEX have recognised the challenges of modern tiles and the fast track environments fixers work in with the introduction of MICROTEC tile adhesives, which provide the most user friendly and efficient solutions to demanding tiles and environments’, said Lee Kidd, Sales and Marketing Director at ARDEX UK.

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