New ThermoLine post-formed worktops in DuPont™ Corian® ... Save time and money while investing in quality and style

ThermoLine from CD (UK) Ltd is an innovative solution to minimising cost and time, while maximising the renowned performance, aesthetics and hygiene benefits of DuPont™ Corian®.  Ideal for designing healthcare, hospitality, public sector, commercial and multi-unit accommodation projects, the applications for ThermoLine range from laboratories, surgeries and offices to cafeterias, kitchens and washrooms.

ThermoLine is a one-piece worktop supplied with a coved upstand and a non-drip edge detail ready formed during manufacture. This means that skilled and approved fabricators of DuPont™ Corian® need only customise as required – with integrated sinks, basins, seamless joining between sections, etc. – and install. This considerable reduction in labour is reflected in both price and lead times, allowing for greater volumes and productivity, while the highly valued qualities of the material remain uncompromised.

ThermoLine post-formed worktops in DuPont™ Corian® from CD UK; all photos Crea Diffusion, all rights reserved

In fact, because this post-formed system requires no joints to the downturn or upstand, it offers increased strength and resistance. Furthermore, ThermoLine does not require a ladder frame substrate – and spans of up 1.5m can be unsupported – making it not only robust, but easier to transport and fit. While the unlimited creative potential with standard Corian®  sheets remains greatly appreciated by high-end design and architecture projects, ThermoLine proposes all the sleek, reliable, easy-care beauty of the material  while offering a simpler worktop solution.

ThermoLine worktops made from DuPont™ Corian® are not only hard-wearing, resistant to stains, infectious agents and common healthcare chemicals, they can also be repaired and renewed if necessary, offering a long and valuable return on investment. Completely solid and non-porous, with no cracks, joins or grout lines, Corian® is famously easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful for the long term, making it a sustainable choice.

  Designed to fit standard cabinetry, ThermoLine worktops have a depth of 650 or 600mm, a downturn of 38mm and coved upstand of 100mm. Fit-to-corner sections are also available and two or more sections can be seamlessly joined (and sinks integrated) in the normal way, making them as versatile as they are convenient and cost-effective. A manufacturer’s 10 Year Warranty also covers ThermoLine.

Gary Baker, Managing Director of CD UK,, the distributor of DuPont™ Corian® in the UK, says “ThermoLine is the answer to making the authentic and distinctive properties of Corian® available to a much wider market – quickly, cost-effectively and in high volumes. Much of the preconception that Corian® is only for premium markets relates to the costs of the highly skilled labour involved in the more complex fabrication and fit projects, whereas many straightforward worktop installations don’t necessarily demand that level of bespoke tailoring – and ThermoLine cuts out about approximately 70% of fabrication time, without sacrificing any of the performance. We are delighted to add this exciting product to our offer and CD UK will hold ThermoLine worktop lengths in significant stock amounts, for swift and efficient service to its network of authorised fabricators.”

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