New: The acoustic expert Heradesign is now offering a 15 year warranty on all products

Heradesign Ceiling Systems has now extended its warranty to 15 years – this applies to all wood wool based acoustic solutions. In most cases, only the statutory warranty period is customary for this product category, which is ten years at most, depending on the country.

Intensive long-term studies and experience have shown that the functionality of Heradesign acoustic solutions continues for much longer than ten years. Stefan Königs, Head of Product Management at Heradesign, says, “We offer a 15 year warranty on the functionality of Heradesign acoustic products as sound-absorbing or acoustic solutions.” “In all European countries – except France – we hereby offer a warranty period which is considerably longer than the usual statutory warranty period of ten years. By sustainability we also mean the durability of our products and their functionality”, adds Matthias Francke, General Manager of Heradesign.

A requirement for warranty claims is, of course, that the required installation conditions and processing guidelines are observed. “We cannot emphasise the importance of skilled installation enough. The performance of an acoustic solution over a longer period of time depends significantly on the design chosen, the quality of installation and the handling of the product”, continues Königs.

The training sessions for installation workers and sales partners offered by Heradesign since mid-2010 at the in-house training and competence centre, campus, contribute to gaining an in-depth understanding of high quality installation and professional handling of the valuable acoustic products.

Heradesign: Acoustic systems for feel-good rooms
Heradesign produces, develops and distributes high-class acoustic systems based on wood wool for ceilings and walls that excel by a unique, timeless design character and a multitude of creative options. The main fields of application involve education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.

Thanks to the outstanding sound absorption values as well as the high quality and “warm” character of the wood wool structure, the Heradesign acoustic solutions make an essential contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

Wood, magnesite and water make up the principal components of the Heradesign acoustic solutions – so they are harmless as regards building biology. Acoustics and design with a clear, “green conscience”!

Heradesign has been a business unit of Knauf Insulation GmbH, Austria, since 2007. The company has its roots in the Heraklith AG, to which the cult status of the products as well as the professional competence can be attributed. For further information, see

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