New Super Slim Corner Covers

As from May 10, all coloured Urban LT products will utilise the new super-slim corner protective mouldings, and fully flexible top gasket system. Unique to ThermaSkirt, the new corner covers use a new type of manufacturing process to create a cover only 1.1mm thick, and colour matched to the skirting. Being so slim and flexible, LT corner covers are now reduced in size to enable an even smarter, more discrete appearance.

Despite their reduction in dimensions, they will still provide the safe and silent operation experienced by our 6,500 installed users. Protecting the exposed and sharp edges of corners is a key safety feature, and allowing the ThermaSkirt to expand and contract (as all heating products must) without the associated creaks groans and clicks common on other systems, is a must. The new fully flexible top gasket is much simpler to fit and does not require cutting to length – the new covers clip on without the need for trimming the gasket to suit.

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