New Study Proves Cost Benefits of Aircrete

Cost savings of over 10% can be achieved if walls are built of aircrete rather than Steel Frame according to new data from Davis Langdon.


The cost-comparison study commissioned by aircrete manufacturer H+H looked at specimen designs for a teaching block and for a student residential block. The construction of both external and internal partition walls was scrutinised, comparing Thin-Joint masonry construction with Light Gauge Steel Construction.


Material costs, time on site and labour was all part of the calculation which concluded that using the aircrete option was between 8.6% and 14.6% cheaper on the various wall types considered. For the 6000m2 student accommodation block, this amounted to a cash saving of over £130,000 for the project.


This type of cost-comparison exercise is not a new departure for H+H. Previous studies by calfordseaden revealed an 8% saving for domestic housing when compared to timber frame or SIPS structures.


MD Mark Oliver is, not surprisingly, pleased with the outcome: “We are already seeing masonry construction taking market share from timber frame in the housing sector and it is good to see documented evidence of the cost effectiveness of aircrete in large-scale developments too.”


Download the full report.

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