NEW! Structherm Fastbuild® & the Code for the Sustainable Homes Brochure

The recently updated brochure, ‘Structherm Fastbuild® & the Code for Sustainable Homes’, is now available both as a hard copy and to download via Structherm’s website. This updated brochure is essential reading for anyone interested in sustainable home building using Structherm's precast concrete building system, providing valuable information about the Fastbuild system and its performance.

Structherm have been providing solutions to the construction industry for over 25 years. Their technical expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of pioneering new build and refurbishment systems, combined with comprehensive support throughout the construction process, is unrivalled.

To download a copy of the ‘Structherm Fastbuild® & the Code for Sustainable Homes’ brochure, visit: or call 0800 040 7460 to request a hard copy.

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