New StormBrixx from ACO facilitates the future of SUDS

ACO is a world leading designer and manufacturer of surface water drainage technologies. Using its in-depth understanding of the issues faced in managing storm water it has launched the innovative and unique StormBrixx plastic geocellular system. StormBrixx provides exceptional structural integrity with easy maintenance in a stackable design that dramatically reduces storage and transportation footprints. It provides versatility in assembly and application making it an ideal surface water infiltration and storage solution for all construction environments, either as a standalone structure or as part of an integrated sustainable drainage (SUDS) scheme.

Storm water management systems need the highest structural integrity to carry the huge static and dynamic loads they are subjected to. The cost of installation of such systems also demands exceptional longevity and reliability. ACO StormBrixx uses brickbonding and crossbonding for unrivalled stability and strength in fast construction and installation times. Independent testing has certified the system offers the level of structural integrity critical for this type of installation, giving customers the peace of mind of a reliable, long term solution to handle storm water drainage.

Traditional geocellular solutions have proved difficult to maintain and inspect. ACO has addressed this issue with an open cell structure that enables easy access and cleaning of the whole system, meeting the latest requirements of SUDS Approval Boards (SABS), local authorities and water companies. The modular construction provides a choice of assembly configurations to best suit the needs of a particular site, optimising access options and minimising debris build-up in the system. Its unique pillar configuration gives an exceptionally high void ratio, minimises excavation requirements and improves flow characteristics. ACO works closely with engineers and provides a free custom design service to confirm structural calculations and ensure loading requirements are met, adding confidence that the best structure configuration is being utilised.

The ACO StormBrixx system greatly reduces stocking and transportation costs, requiring four times less space than alternative, comparable technologies.  Its stackable design makes it easy to store, deliver and install, optimising logistic and installation costs. In addition, the knock on reduction in site handling extends to vehicle activity; hence reducing related health and safety risks. As well as reducing the associated carbon footprint of a storm water management system, the StormBrixx solution is manufactured from recycled polypropylene to make it a good, environmentally sound system choice.


The expertise and understanding ACO has engineered into StormBrixx has uniquely addressed the issues companies faced from traditional alternatives. A StormBrixx system is stronger, has higher life expectancy and dramatically reduces the costs of transportation and assembly. It offers vast reductions in inspection and maintenance costs and will not increase initial capital investment levels. This modern, innovative solution is the most competitive and reliable of its type and is truly designed to stand the test of time under the most demanding of conditions.

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