New steel Scaffsteptm from Combisafe gives scaffolders a solid step-up

The new Steel SCAFFSTEP from Combisafe, developed to meet the increasing complexity of scaffolding work, combines for the first time the company’s innovative scaffolder’s step-up concept with a sturdy, cost effective steel frame for improved performance in harsh environments.

Combisafe International, the leading provider of safety at height solutions, has engineered the Steel SCAFFSTEP to meet the changing requirements of the scaffolding industry as well as SG4:10 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding, the guidance set by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation.

The original aluminium SCAFFSTEP was designed to enable scaffolders to easily erect or dismantle guardrails on the lift above, whilst providing protection from falling. The Steel SCAFFSTEP has been developed to address the additional needs of the chemical industry and the risk of corrosion, as well as delivering a stronger, more economical alternative for use by traditional scaffolders.

Utilising plated steel spring claws, the Steel Scaffstep is connected to any 48.3mm tubular ledger to provide fall protection as well as eliminating the risk of tipping. Incorporating an integral ladder in the design, the scaffolder has easy and safe access to the platform, whilst the ladder’s adjustable swivel feet offer versatile, but extremely secure footing – on any surface.

SCAFFSTEP can be used in any position along the ledger to provide the scaffolder with protection when working with system scaffolds or  tubes and fittings. Often used in pairs, the scaffolders will stand upon the non-slip platform and reach up in safety to either attach, or release, the guardrail to that lift, which will now be within easy reach thanks to SCAFFSTEP.

As well as conforming to the personal fall prevention and hop up requirements within SG4:10, the best practice guidance for scaffold erection published by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation, SCAFFSTEP also complies with the European ladder standard EN 131.

Finished with a powder coating in Highway Yellow RAL 1023, the Steel SCAFFSTEP can also be branded with company colours when purchased with a minimum quantity order. The system’s versatility extends to its handling, as it can be folded flat for easy storage and transport – making it the ideal addition to the professional scaffolder’s inventory.

As market leaders in safety at height solutions, this has been demonstrated perfectly with the addition of the Steel SCAFFSTEP to Combisafe’s extensive range of scaffolding safety solutions.

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