New Stainless Steel Unvented Cylinders

Newly available are Andrews Water Heaters commercial high grade stainless steel cylinders manufactured within the Group which offers the benefit to customers of greatly reduced lead times for delivery and much more.


Setting The Bar

These new superior quality stainless steel cylinders have a duplex no. 2205 marine gauge stainless steel construction, while highly effective insulation properties ensure minimal standing losses.  Available as buffer tanks, single coil and twin coil vessels, they have an unvented operating pressure of up to 10 bar, as opposed to the 6 bar operating pressure of most on the market.  This means they will be appropriate for use on taller buildings with greater head requirements.


Little and Large


The new Andrews Water Heaters commercial stainless steel tanks range in size from 450 litres to 2,500 litres and are compatible with integrated low carbon solutions as well as for use as buffer tanks with SUPAFlo installations

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