New Shatterproof Lighting Range Ideal For Food Retail Industry

Greenstock, the specialist lamp company, has recently added to its range of long life shatterproof products which are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, food production and food retail industry.

The range includes shatterproof fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps, insect attraction lamps, germicidal, food tubes and CFL/PLL lamps. All are coated with FEP material compliant with the pending IEC 61549 regulations which are designed to contain glass and other hazardous materials if a breakage was to occur.

The shatterproof FEP material has a rated life well in excess of 50,000 hours, is UV stable and an operating temperature in excess of 200°C. Greenstock lamps are suitable for use in all sensitive production environments, conform to the impending IEC 61549 regulation and are rigorously tested to give the end user total peace of mind.

For more than 18 years Greenstock has been a leading supplier of long life lamps that substantially reduce maintenance and waste. Combined with over 10 years of experience in shatterproof lamps, Greenstock offers a complete solution to safety conscious, low maintenance and energy saving lighting.

As an active member of the Lamp Coaters Association, Greenstock understands the importance of complying with health and safety and global production standards. The Greenstock Lamp Company is accredited to BS EN ISO 9002 ensuring the highest level of service and product quality.

The shatterproof lamp range from Greenstock is ideal for use in the food retail industry, from factories, processing, storage and distribution to food display areas in butchers, supermarkets and restaurants.

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