New - Shaker style doors in high gloss Parapan®

Parapan®, already a firm favourite with many of the UK’s leading kitchen designers, is an extremely versatile material with unlimited potential for creative door applications.

Now Parapan® is available in a Shaker style door offering a classic design with all the qualities of a high gloss acrylic that will be at home in more traditional settings.  Because Parapan® is cut from solid sheets it can be fashioned into Shaker doors of any size and proportion and fitted with almost any style of handle.

The highly reflective glossy acrylic is available in 20 up- to- the- minute shades from neutrals to brights.  The UV stable colours will never fade and are solid so any minor blemishes can easily be removed with a cloth and brasso.  Non-porous and waterproof Parapan® won’t rot or delaminate.

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