New Severe Duty hospital partition from British Gypsum

Drywall market leader, British Gypsum, has launched a new single boarded ‘Severe Duty’ version of its popular GypWall ROBUST impact resistant partition system specifically to meet HTM multiple performance requirements for hospitals and related buildings.

The new GypWall ROBUST system incorporates a newly launched high performance 15mm Gyproc DuraLine board and fully meets all BS5234 Severe Duty criteria, including the key ‘Hard Body Impact’ requirement. It is therefore suitable for use in corridors and other heavy traffic areas, which are most prone to impact damage.

New 15mm Gyproc DuraLine has been developed as an across-the-board high performance lining, providing high levels of acoustic and fire performance in addition to its superior impact resistance. Its fire and acoustic performance equals that of the company’s specialist Gyproc FireLine and Gyproc SoundBloc, which means it can be substituted for either without any loss in performance, giving total flexibility where multiple criteria are specified.

The new GypWall ROBUST system with a single layer 15mm Gyproc DuraLine lining has been fully tested by an independent UKAS accredited test house and is certified to provide 60 minutes fire resistance to the latest EN fire test standards, and acoustic performance of Rw 51dB, in addition to a Severe Duty rating.

Full performance data on the new partition is included in the latest edition of the British Gypsum White Book, which is available online at

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