New Scottish Standards Guides

On the 1st October the updated Section 6 (energy) of the Scottish Building Standards came into force, bringing with it significantly tightened carbon emission targets. To help simplify the process of achieving compliance, Kingspan Insulation has released two new guides, covering domestic and non-domestic buildings.

The guides can be freely downloaded from Kingspan Insulation’s website.They offer a comprehensive review of the revised requirements within Section 6 (energy), explaining how to demonstrate and evidence compliance, and providing an overview of the notional building specifications for new buildings.

Along with the prescribed, notional approach, Section 6 also offers a great deal of flexibility providing the property meets the target emission rate and limiting fabric performance factors. However, this flexibility can make it difficult to identify the best route to compliance. The “simplifying the complex” section provides clear advice, and recommended U-values to enable a fabric-first construction which minimises costly renewables.

To help make the most of the available space, the guides also look at some of the most common insulation applications, offering a comparison of the construction thicknesses required to achieve a compliant U-value with different insulation materials, including ultra-thin Vacuum Insulation Panels.

Finally, the guides cover all of the requirements for refurbishment applications whether it be an extension, a conversion or simply a retrofit of the existing building envelope.

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