New sash windows from KSDW solve security challenge for architects

New range integrates security into any design without need for secondary glazing.

Kensington Security Doors and Windows (KSDW) has launched a new range of security sash windows, that deliver both strength and beauty to high end domestic and commercial properties. The new range has been designed to act as a full replacement for sash windows, allowing architects to integrate security through design into a property, without the need for secondary glazing or further planning permission.

KSDW Managing Director, Malcolm Stewart, says: “Our customers have asked for a window that offers greater security but which can be installed in a building where there are restrictions on altering its appearance, for example in a period or listed property. Previously the only way to do this was through unsightly secondary glazing. With these new sash windows, there’s no need to compromise on security or style.”

Offering the best security performance in the market for sash windows, the windows are made of steel-reinforced hardwood and intruder-proof glazing, which is rated to BS EN 14449. Enhancing the security are steel-reinforced box sections with integrated wall fixing points, and steel-reinforced sashes. All windows feature six locking points and high quality brush strips for draught and sound proofing. KSDW intends to get these sash windows tested next year, with a view to achieving Secured By Design approval.

To integrate the windows into any design, they are available in three different variants – 6mm single pane laminated glass, and anti-bandit  20mm double-glazing and 30mm triple-glazing. All sashes are of single-pane construction with internal glazing bars, in a variety of sizes. If the appearance of multiple panes is required, stick-on external glazing beads are available to complete the look.

Stewart concludes: “Our new range means an architect can deliver better security, u-values and acoustic insulation, without changing the appearance of the building. Strength, beauty and function no longer have to be mutually exclusive.”

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