New Rockfon dB Ceiling range provides noise pollution solution

With the increasingly high demands of modern buildings for good acoustics, Rockfon has developed a unique range of ceilings that for the first time, combines low weight with optimum sound insulation and sound absorption.

Offices and rooms within commercial buildings invariably have to combat different acoustic distractions – disruption from telephones in multi person areas, lack of confidentiality in manager’s offices, unnecessarily high noise levels in receptions or waiting rooms. With this in mind, Rockfon has developed its dB ceiling range to offer a cost effective, high performance alternative to building full height partitions or using heavyweight gypsum and gypsum backed ceilings.

The new Rockfon dB range is the culmination of intensive research and development to provide exclusive products that no other company can match.

This comprehensive range of four options comprises the smooth white Alaska dB35, which provides Dnf,w 35 dB sound insulation and alpha w 0.8, Class B sound absorption, and Alaska dB40 with enhanced sound insulation and sound absorption. Sonar dB40 offers the same high performance with an aesthetically pleasing micro textured surface. The flagship of the range is the revolutionary Sonar dB44, which incorporates two layers of a unique and intelligent sandwich construction for outstanding sound insulation and top level Class A sound absorption.

This option has also been tested for resistance to rain noise and provides a significant improvement to the performance of lightweight roof constructions potentially allowing them to be applicable for BREEAM credits and fully compliant with the rain noise guidelines of BB93 - schools acoustics and the new HTM 08-01 - acoustics in healthcare premises.

Where the product range excels is in its stone wool formulation. Not only do these new products maintain the well known Rockfon humidity resistance, installation and high sound absorption benefits over wet felted mineral fibre tiles, their incorporation of lightweight high performance membranes and sandwich technology ensures that excellent sound insulation is obtained without the need for dense mass layers and overlays which can make ceilings unnecessarily heavy and difficult to handle and work with.

“This is not just another acoustic ceiling, this is a definitive solution to noise control,” explains Jenny Brookes, Marketing Manager Rockfon UK. “Many countries have already introduced tighter legislation on sound insulation in commercial buildings – Swedish Building Regulations insist upon a minimum of 35-52dB sound reduction between offices, France has a 42dB minimum requirement and Denmark has 40dB. With more and more employees increasing the acoustic challenge, quiet, versatile office space is a key factor for future building design and we have introduced the Rockfon dB range as a solution.”

Delivering extremely high performance, ease of fitting, cleaning and maintenance, the new Rockfon dB acoustic ceiling range is set to facilitate the challenge of acoustic control within any commercial environment.

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