New Rockfon Color-all® Special takes the guesswork out of specifying colourful acoustic ceilings

A designer’s dream, new Rockfon Color-all® Special stone wool ceilings feature a bespoke colour matching service to ensure a perfect match every time.

To take the guesswork out of specifying a colour ceiling, ROCKFON has launched Rockfon Color-all Special. Designers find inspiration for colours all around them, in the environment they occupy and in the objects they encounter. Until the arrival of Rockfon Color-all Special, it was not always easy to transpose these colours into a beautiful, high-performance ceiling. Now designers have a reliable, affordable solution that unlocks the possibilities of bespoke colour ceilings.

Perfect match every time

To ensure a perfect match of both the ceiling tile and grid, ROCKFON uses the renowned Natural Colour System® colour system at every step of the manufacturing process, from colour selection to manufacturing. To make sure the colour looks at its best, the surface of new Rockfon Color-all Special tiles is smooth and has a durable and resistant matt gloss finish.

Built-in design flexibility

Rockfon Color-all Special can be specified in an unlimited number of custom colours. Customers can also continue to choose from the existing range of standard Rockfon Color-all tiles, available in 34 exclusive colours. In addition, Rockfon Color-all Special has a minimum order size of only one box and can be specified with exposed, semi-concealed or concealed edges in a large variety of dimensions for total design freedom.

Renowned ROCKFON performance

Like all ROCKFON stone wool solutions, Rockfon Color-all Special tiles offer an unrivalled combination of custom colours and outstanding ROCKFON performance. They provide the highest Class A sound absorption (0.95αw) and excellent fire safety (Class A1). The tiles are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C allowing installation before windows are fully sealed, without risk of distortion.

Rockfon Color-all Special ceilings and suspension grids are backed with a 15-year guarantee and are fully recyclable.

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