New Robust Detail for Acoustic Wall with Aircrete

A new acoustic Robust Detail, E-WM-23 is available for a high-performance cavity separation wall construction using Celcon Blocks Standard Grade aircrete from H+H.  It particularly addresses the thermal regulation requirements of Part L, the Code for Sustainable Homes and acoustic requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations.


Use of this construction allows for three credits to be claimed under the Code for Sustainable Homes – Health and Well-being section Hea 2.  Four credits can be claimed with EcoHomes assessments.


E-WM-23 uses H+H aircrete cavity walls with Superglass full fill in the cavity.  This, together with suitable edge sealing allows a U-value of zero to be assumed for the separating wall in SAP calculations.


The use of aircrete in separating and flanking walls can enable the designer to capitalise on the significant savings from reduced heat loss at non-repeating linear bridges.  Linear thermal bridging is a major source of heat loss and the use of aircrete party walls has a major benefit in reducing this by leakage through the masonry into the roof, floors and external walls.


This Robust Detail does not require a wet parge coat on the aircrete wall – conventional 8kg/m2 plasterboard on dabs is sufficient.


The launch of Robust Detail E-WM-23 enables specifiers to achieve excellent acoustic and thermal performance using familiar, simple and environmentally sustainable building materials and practice.

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