The BCSE (British Council for School Environments) aims to promote and improve the quality of learning environments and to ensure the realisation of the vision inherent in the government’s Building Schools for the Future programme. It has just published its Manifesto to Learning Environments - A Call to Action. This is a collaboration between BCSE and BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association).

. At the same time Ecophon, the leading acoustic ceiling manufacturer, has published research covering the influence of Modern School Acoustics on Teaching Styles, Room Acoustics, Teachers' Health and Pupil Behaviour. It highlights Ecophon’s positive contribution to future teaching and learning environments and Ty Goddard, Director of the BCSE comments: “The BCSE welcomes this latest research on acoustics. Getting the basics right is so important - education is changing and so will school buildings.”

This research fully supports the BCSE’s manifesto that covers areas such as design for teaching and learning, design quality and tested innovation. These principles have been adopted to ensure that school environments are truly fit for teaching and learning. Indeed, research over the past decade has continually underlined the significance of the environment and special factors on learning; Ecophon’s latest research underlines this principle.

Colin Campbell, Ecophon’s Concept Developer for Education in the UK, is a founding member of the BCSE (British Council for School Environments) and participates in the council’s Acoustics and Ventilation working group. Ecophon, with its expertise in acoustic ceiling solutions, is the only construction manufacturer involved as a founding member of the BCSE. The BCSE Acoustics and Ventilation working group aims to identify grey areas between Building Bulletins 93 & 101 and other areas where there is a lack of understanding or where recommendations can be open to interpretation or be derogated against with unknown potential consequences.

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