Many users may not have noticed that, following rationalization and closure of many extruded (machine-made) brick factories, a number of lines which were widely used in the eighties, nineties and noughties are now no longer available.

It is also true to say that a number of 73mm (2 7/8 inch bricks) are no longer in production.

York Handmade, who have established an unrivalled reputation as an independent producer of niche products in the clamp sector where a more traditional brick is used, have now introduced a new facility and range of products for extruded machine-made bricks.

To mark this re-launch of an old product, the company has recently published a brand new brochure which is available as a download here.

Chairman David Armitage said: “These bricks are not as glamorous or as exciting as some of the products we have produced for the conservation and restoration market but they are nevertheless much needed by builders and merchants throughout the land who are finding it difficult to obtain what is required for extension or renovation.

“Textures such as rustic, stippletex, sandface, combed and many others are simply no longer in production but are desperately needed to make extensions complete and convincing,” he explained.

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