New Promat multi-purpose board puts outstanding performance first

Promat UK has launched a new multi-purpose building board that offers outstanding fire resistance, excellent physical strength, high moisture resistance and an impressive acoustic performance.  PROMINA®-M is a robust, light weight building board that can be used in numerous applications including wall linings and partitions, ceilings and flooring, boiler backing, soffits and canopies, service enclosures, roof sheathing, acoustic underlays, wet room flooring and portable and prefabricated buildings.

As an independently tested Class A1 non-combustible board PROMINA®-M can provide up to 30 minutes fire protection. Manufactured using the latest Promax® mineral matrix technology, PROMINA®-M is reinforced with non-combustible fibre glass meshes, forming a flat 6mm thick board that is suitable for heavy duty, fire resistant, moisture resistant and acoustically insulated applications.

Compatible with different types of building systems PROMINA®-M’s impressive impact-resistance makes it suitable for use in high traffic areas and it can be fixed with standard fixings and studs. It features a smooth, white front face which will accept decorative finishes without further preparation. In addition, its ability to resist the effects of moisture mean that it will not deteriorate in damp or humid conditions and can be used in semi-exposed applications such as soffits and canopies.

PROMINA®-M is currently available in 2400mm x 1200mm boards. Visit for more details.

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