New Product Swings Into Action

After a year in development Global Automatics has just launched a brand new automatic swing door operator designed to fit 99% of new and existing swing doors.

Premier-Swing 85, so named for its slim 85mm depth, is very small yet very powerful meaning that it is no longer necessary to choose a different operator for small, medium or large doors as this unit is heavy-duty and capable for doors up to 200kg weight, an important factor with the trend in architecture now for bigger doors.

The new Premier-Swing 85 also scores on price, reliability and speedy installation.  For 75% of installations it is a simple matter of screwing the head unit onto the wall, putting an arm on it and pressing a button.  All sensors are then plugged in, and the door is ready for automatic operation.  Where a bespoke installation is required, this is easily accommodated with all the built-in electronic features, useful for the installer and with a host of options to meet customer requirements.

Like other Global Automatics door operators, the Premier-Swing 85 features an innovative user-friendly self-diagnostic system via a display to select multiple options but also to identify any faults on the system.  The door operator has an advanced specification as standard integrating with electronic locking systems, intercoms, building management systems, and is the only swing operator to facilitate battery back-up. In addition, the unit has dedicated inputs for activation sensors, press pads, safety sensors and electric locks.  After completing exhaustive testing of some 1 million test cycles on the product before launch, Premier-Swing is confidently offered with an 18 month warranty.

Commenting on the development of the product, Del Thomas, managing director of Global Automatics said, “Having previously been installers we could see there was a gap in the market as there was no automatic swing door operator available at a reasonable price.”  He continued, “ We have developed Premier-Swing 85 as an affordable door operator, which is top quality and with high end features.  As we are an independent door operator company, with no vested interest in doors, Premier-Swing 85 is not only technically advanced and versatile but it lowers the cost of installing an automatic swing door operator for both industry and the end user.”

It is perhaps remarkable that Global Automatics has not only developed the Premier-Swing 85 in Britain but is also manufacturing it in Britain.  A small selection of specialist manufacturers in the south east are supplying Global Automatics with the electronics, plastic injection mouldings, aluminium extrusions, gearbox and batteries for final assembly and testing at Global Automatics’ headquarters in Hemel Hempstead.

Further information on the new Premier-Swing 85 is available from Global Automatics on 0845 643 0013, email: or visiting the company’s website at

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