New product sales indicate subfloor moisture is a widespread concern

Widespread concern amongst flooring contractors about moisture in subfloors has resulted in steeply rising sales of new moisture detection and measuring equipment, say F. Ball and Co. Ltd. And a matching rise in the sales of damp proof membranes suggests that this concern is often well founded.

The company introduced its new affordable and easy to use Protimeter Aquant and digital hygrometer in the middle of last year since when sales have rapidly outstripped sales of the previously available equipment.

“Flooring contractors can obtain a quick and easy indication of whether moisture is present in a subfloor with this system,” says Richard Harris, F. Ball’s Marketing Manager. “If there is any doubt as to whether a subfloor is damp, use of the Protimeter indicates to the flooring contractor the correct course of action. Using the Digital Hygrometer then highlights the correct remedial treatment required.”

Excessive subfloor moisture can lead to the failure of any type of floorcovering. F. Ball believe that some contractors now routinely using the Protimeter and Digital Hygrometer to avoid potential floor installation failure in the future.

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