New product innovation from Impey UK.

Creating a screeded shower floor has never been as simple as with the brand new Aqua-Grade and Screed-Boss wet screed formers from Impey UK.

The latest offerings from the leading specialist wet room manufacturer give installers and tradesmen the opportunity to create a screed with consistent fall much faster and with more accuracy than conventional methods have allowed.

Until now getting the right fall in a screed and with consistent results has been a very difficult and labour intensive job, requiring a great deal of skill. Even then, all too often the results can be poor with pooling of water a common problem.

The Aqua-Grade and Screed-Boss is essentially the same product but aimed at different markets; the principle of the product really is simplicity itself.

A modular matrix that clicks together to form a grid-like structure and working profile for the tradesmen to work against.; once assembled and fixed into place the matrix is filled with a wet sand / cement mix then floated over to the profile of the grid…simple.

Consistent results every time, and with a 1-in-40 gradient perfect drainage is guaranteed.

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