New product for faster plasterboard jointing

Developed in North America, recognised for its expertise in advanced plasterboard jointing techniques, new Gyprox ProMix LITE is a new lightweight ‘straight-from-the-bucket’ ready mixed jointing cement that makes professional quality jointing for walls and ceilings, quicker and easier.

Claimed to provide a completely new experience for both professional and occasional jointers, Gyproc ProMix LITE is very low in shrinkage, enabling perfect joints to be achieved more quickly. Its light creamy consistency makes for quicker working and smoother application, with easier feathering-out to flat edges. As a result, joints require less sanding, and are cleaner and faster to complete.

The lighter weight composition means that Gyproc ProMix LITE is supplied in larger, but easier to handle, 17 litre buckets, each of which will joint around 50m2 of board, depending on the job. The larger buckets are not only less wasteful, but are slightly oversize to allow easier dilution when the product is used in automatic jointing machines.

New Gyproc ProMix LITE can be used for hand finishing over Gyproc Joint Filler, or for all stages when mechanically jointing. It is available from all leading UK builder’s merchants and specialist drylining distributors, and replaces British Gypsum’s original ProMix product, which has been withdrawn.

Further details are available on or from the British Gypsum technical help line on 08705 456123.

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