New product announcement - Isotec 200

The high strength Isotec 200 loft ladder offers superb thermal insulation with a U-value of 0.17 W/m2K and a class 4 certified airtight seal. In addition, it offers 60 minutes fire and heat protection. It is the ideal solution for energy efficient buildings where fire protection is essential.

Isotec 200 highly insulated and fire rated loft ladder

The Isotec 200 is the latest addition to the ‘Isotec’ product family. Manufactured by leading Austrian loft ladder and door manufacturer Wippro GmbH, the Isotec 200 offers very high thermal insulation, with a U-value of just 0.17 W/m2K. This makes it the most thermally efficient product in the Premier Loft Ladders product range. In addition, it also benefits from class 4 airtight certification.

Fire protection as standard…

200mm thick layer of stone wool insulation in the hatch door (which is where the Isotec 200 gets its name) has the added benefit of providing 60 minutes of fire protection. The Isotec 200 is certified to EI260, according to EN 1634-1, EN1363-1, ÖNORM 3860 standards.

Loft hatch offers 60 minutes fire protection

Strength and rigidity…

The loft ladder itself is made of high strength steel components with a high-quality white powder coat finish. As such it offers both excellent rigidity and durability. Furthermore, it has large treads with a heavy-duty load rating of 250kg per tread.

Operating the Isotec 200 is safe and easy. This is due to the counter-balance spring mechanisms that not only assist with the opening/closing of the hatch, but assist with the folding of the ladder itself.

Isotec 200 features counter-balance springs for safe and easy operation

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