New Plumbing Wallcharts on Bending Copper Tube

New Plumbing Wallcharts on Bending Copper Tube

Plumbing colleges are invited to take advantage of a new resource from the UK Copper Board: a set of two wallcharts that describe in simple terms how to set out and make bends with copper tube.  The new resources have been extremely well received, with plumbing lecturers already requesting extra copies.

The first wallchart covers measuring for 90o bends and adding a second 90o bend while the second wallchart covers single and double offsets.  Both have been specially designed for use in the classroom or plumbing workshop.

The wallcharts, which are A1-sized posters, are aimed specifically at colleges teaching City and Guilds plumbing courses and copies can be obtained by contacting the UK Copper Board at

A pdf version of the wallcharts can be downloaded from the UK Copper Board website and used as a handout if so desired.

Copies of the first set of wallcharts, covering copper tube and fittings standards and an introduction to pipe sizing, are still available on request.

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