New paver brochure from Wienerberger

Durable, practical, stylish….clay pavers make a versatile, long-lasting and fashionable addition to the urban landscape. Residential, commercial, retail, and even industrial schemes can be enhanced by their use, while public realm and open spaces are often designed with them in mind.

Wienerberger has now unveiled its most extensive and innovative range in the new Commercial Paver brochure launched this week. With more than 70 years’ experience in manufacturing clay pavers, the Wienerberger portfolio includes a suitable option for schemes of any size or complexity.

Wienerberger’s UK manufactured pavers also provide peace of mind for specifiers and developer as all meet BS EN1344 and ISO 9001 quality standards. The durability of the clay paver means it will still be performing hundreds of years from now, thriving in any conditions from extreme cold to intense heat.

Detailed in the new brochure are:

The Aquata – the recently redesigned paver is part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) which complies with the latest planning regulations and enables developers to achieve additional points under the Code for Sustainable Homes standard. It has been specifically designed for permeable pavement applications, used to alleviate problems due to localised flooding. The system filters and cleans rainwater through geotextile membranes and layers of coarse graded aggregates, before allowing it to flow back into the natural subsoil and watercourse, or be harvested and used in irrigation.

Chamfered Pavers – a traditional rectangular paver available in a range of distinctive, vibrant colours - from blues to reds, browns to burnt orange - making it ideal for creating designs that accentuate the surrounding landscape.

Dutch Pavers – a range designed to create a more continental look in larger areas of urban paving. Available in warm, earthy, reds, creams, greys and waterstruck blends, these narrow-styled pavers enable designers to develop attractive zones that can soften a hard landscape.

Baggeridge Blues – manufactured using a refined process, these pavers offer an unrivalled reputation for durability, strength and character. Available in a variety of shapes, these pavers create an elegant period styling.

Waterstruck Slimpave – an intriguing alternative to the standard paver, this product has narrow proportions that provide an unusual visual effect, making it ideal for running or herringbone bonds.

To enhance the aesthetics of any design scheme, Wienerberger also offers a wide range of paving accessories such as tactile and marker pavers, and specials in a selection of contrasting and contemporary colours.

To see stunning examples of projects which have used Wienerberger pavers go to the Garden and Place e-zine

For further details on Wienerberger’s extensive range of pavers, and accessories, request the latest Commercial Paver brochure by emailing

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